How to Select the Best Place for Your Fountain

Before choosing a water fountain, carefully consider specifically where you want to put it. 53265ct__51863.jpg Any high-traffic areas such as driveways, entryways, or roundabouts are perfect spots to install one.

If you choose to put yours against a wall, there are fountains designed specifically for this purpose. They can be secured against a wall, post, or fence by using a bar or a hook fastened to the back. Bare in mind when you install your fountain that you must safely fasten it to a wall to avoid having it fall over in high winds and being damaged.

The garden sculpture style, yet another option, is ideal for parks or any place people tend to hang out to enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

Installing a Water Feature Can Be a Boost to your Company

Most customers think water fountains are a great addition to a business. The entranceway to your company or store is a great place to place a water fountain as will increase traffic flow as well as differentiate you from others. Having a visible water feature outside stores such as yoga studios, bookstores, coffee shops, salons can a positive impact on business. A water fountain will provide the perfect ambiance to a business where people like to mingle and relax. A pub or restaurant should contemplate adding a water fountain to bring in couples seeking a romantic setting.

An Introduction to Garden Herbs

Many gardeners are drawn to herbal plants because they can use them in so many different recipes. You'll receive immediate gratification when you grow natural herbs in the garden as they can be used in preparing sauces, soups, marinades and a number of other recipes. When frost starts to come around you could trim your herbs, but if you are practical and have them placed in pots all that you have to do is relocate the pots inside the house to protect them. Since perennial natural herbs don't die easily or require replanting every end of the year, they are a practical (and fun) addition to your garden. In addition, the sorts of herbs you prefer to cook with should affect your personal herb choices. Consider the dishes you want when selecting which herbs to plant in your garden. For instance, if you cook a lot of Italian food you may want to cultivate basil and oregano. If you like Latin food, go with cilantro. You must choose where your herb garden will be planted in order to determine which herbs will mature best. If you live in a mild climate, with warm winters and relatively cool summers, it may be easiest to plant straight into the ground.

This makes your yard look beautiful without the trouble of making or buying planters. There is absolutely nothing you can do to get away from harsh weather conditions that might hurt your plants. However, there's hope because planters can be transferred indoors whenever there's bad weather outdoors so they are flexible and practical for your herbs.

Historic Crete & The Minoans: Water Features

During archaeological digs on the island of Crete, various kinds of conduits have been identified. These delivered water and eliminated it, including water from waste and storms. They were typically made from clay or stone. Terracotta was employed for canals and pipes, both rectangle-shaped and spherical. There are two examples of Minoan clay pipes, those with a shortened cone form and a U-shape that have not been seen in any civilization since that time. Terracotta pipes were employed to administer water at Knossos Palace, running up to three meters below the floors. The pipes also had other uses including collecting water and diverting it to a central area for storing.

Therefore, these pipes had to be ready to: Underground Water Transportation: the hidden system for water circulation may have been chosen to provide water to particular men and women or events. Quality Water Transportation: Many historians feel that these pipelines were employed to create a separate distribution technique for the residence.

Design a Garden Water Feature as a Commemorative Piece

Garden fountains make ideal and unique memorials. Age-old practices are commonly met with resistance nowadays. Nevertheless, it is still popular to memorialize the departed. Memorials often include personal items and are often used to pay homage to the deceased. Lots of people view backyard garden fountains as lovely commemorative pieces to their cherished ones. There are lots of ways to individualize your garden fountain in your loved one’s memory such as putting in flowers including, attaching a plaque, or gathering for memorial services around the fountain.

Garden fountains allow you to honor loved ones you have lost. The flowing of water through the fountain symbolizes the luck and affluence of your loved one and can also be part of the recognition of their life. In order to last a long time, your garden fountain ought to be well made, sturdy, and resistant to changing weather. You will want to be sure that your memorial will survive many years once in place.

Outdoor Fountains And Public Policy

The first American city to implement a tax on high calorie drinks was Berkley, California in February 2014. By making soda more costly, it’s expected that parents will make better choices for what their children drink, like water for instance. Research was performed to find out the reputation of local drinking water fountains and whether people from different racial or economical backgrounds had reduced access to them. Through content amassed by a mobile GPS app, researchers were able to establish the state of active water fountains in Berkley. This info was cross-referenced with demographic records on race and income obtained from the US Census Community Study database.

By cross-referencing the water fountain locations with the demographic information, they were in a position to determine whether access to working fountains was class dependent. The evaluation was able to determine the demographics of areas with water fountains, also noting whether the state of the fountains was better or worse in lower class neighborhoods. The cleanliness of many fountains was found wanting, even if most were operating.

The First Water Fountains recorded in Human History.

Water fountains were at first practical in function, used to deliver water from rivers or springs to cities and villages, providing the inhabitants with clean water to drink, bathe, and cook with. To produce water flow through a fountain until the end of the 1800’s, and create a jet of water, required gravity and a water source such as a creek or reservoir, situated higher than the fountain. Fountains spanning history have been crafted as monuments, impressing hometown citizens and visitors alike. The common fountains of today bear little likeness to the first water fountains. Crafted for drinking water and ceremonial reasons, the initial fountains were very simple carved stone basins. Stone basins are theorized to have been first utilized around the year 2000 BC. The first fountains used in ancient civilizations depended on gravity to regulate the circulation of water through the fountain. Situated near reservoirs or creeks, the functional public water fountains supplied the local residents with fresh drinking water. Fountains with flowery decoration started to appear in Rome in approx. 6 B.C., usually gods and animals, made with stone or bronze.

Water for the open fountains of Rome was brought to the city via a elaborate system of water aqueducts.

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