Water Features: The Minoan Culture

Archaeological excavations in Minoan Crete in Greece have revealed several types of conduits. These were utilized to provide towns and cities with water as well as to minimize flooding and remove waste material. They were for the most part built from terracotta or stone. 5216f6ai__65405.jpg Anytime clay was chosen, it was normally for canals as well as pipes which came in rectangle-shaped or round forms. These included cone-like and U-shaped terracotta pipes which were unique to the Minoans. Terracotta water lines were put down underneath the flooring at Knossos Palace and used to circulate water. These Minoan pipelines were also made use of for collecting and storing water, not just distribution. These clay piping were essential to perform: Underground Water Transportation: Originally this particular process seems to have been designed not for ease but to supply water for specific individuals or rites without it being spotted. Quality Water Transportation: Considering the data, a number of scholars propose that these conduits were not connected to the prevalent water delivery process, supplying the residence with water from a various source.

California's Water Fountain Research and Results

Berkley, CA citizens voted for a sugar-sweetened beverages tax in February 2014, the earliest of its kind in the United States. The goal is to have individuals drinking more water and other natural drinks by increasing the price of soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks. Research was completed to make sure that citizens of all races and economic classes had access to thoroughly clean, operating drinking fountains. Facts on the city’s drinking water fountains were assembled using a GPS created specifically for the research. The US Census Community Study database was utilized to compile information related to race and economic status in these areas. Evaluations were made amongst the location and demographic data, disclosing whether class differences affected availability to clean, working water fountains. They were in a position to confirm the demographics of regions surrounding established fountains, as well as the tidiness and maintenance of fountains across various areas. Most of the water fountains were dirty or clogged, despite the fact that most fountains worked.

A Water Feature Your Kitty Can Appreciate

Does your cat like to jump onto the counter when he hears the tap?

Does he drink from the toilet or check the water in his bowl before drinking it? Cats do not like to have water that is not running, and this act demonstrates this. Generally, they do not consume standing water.

Undomesticated cats get adequate moisture from the meat they consume. For this reason, an intuitive desire for water never evolved in felines. That said, domesticated cats do in fact need additional water, so it is up to you to provide it. Make water easily attainable to your cat by installing a cat fountain.

Having one will ensure your pet has plenty of water available when it wants to drink. You can choose one you know your cat will enjoy since they come in so many different models. One kind of fountain has continually moving water for maximum freshness whereas others have water which is automatically refilled when the bowl is empty.

The Famed Revelation Waterworks at Chatsworth

Angela Conner, the widely known British sculptor, fashioned “Revelation,” the latest acquisition to the appealing exterior fountains of Chatsworth. In 2004/5 she was commissioned by the now deceased 11th Duke of Devonshire to design a limited edition bust of Queen Elizabeth, in brass and steel, for the Queen’s 80th birthday. One of Chatsworth’s first ponds, Jack Pond, had “Revelation” placed in it in 1999. Taking the shape of four big petals that open and close with the circulation of water, the steel fountain alternatively conceals and displays a gold colored globe at the center of the sculpture. A gold dust decorated metallic globe was manufactured and included to the large sculpture standing five meters in height and five meters in width. This newest fountain is an interesting addition to the Chatsworth Gardens because the petals’ motion is totally driven by water.

Designing the Perfect Retreat Inside or Outside

The ideal feng shui fountain will go a long way towards helping you create a perfect peaceful haven. Setting up a garden or home waterfall is a simple means to make this happen. It is a wonderful addition to the decoration of any home.

The ideal place for your outdoor fountain is a spot where you can see it from indoors too.

Plants and flowers are also essential for the most beautiful water fountains. Plants and flowers that come into bloom in different seasons make the ideal accompaniment. The area will be further improved with small touches like art, a fire pit, or attractive stones.

Increase Business with a Fountain in Your Workplace

Most customers love a good water fountain. If you have a business or store, having a water fountain will likely bring in more clients and differentiate you from others. Having a visible water feature outside retailers such as yoga studios, bookstores, coffee shops, salons can a positive impact on business. For businesses where people like to mingle outdoors, a water fountain can provide a soothing environment.

A water fountain in a bar or restaurant can be a good way to attract couples on a date.

Eco-Friendly Fountains: Good for the Planet

Do you desire to make your personal space just a little more beautiful? Solar fountains might be the answer - they are a perfect add-on to any home because they embellish the layout and raise the price of your home. They are the same as electric fountains in that they help with one's overall health but they also offer financial benefits. Despite the high initial price, costs associated with these fountains are worthwhile. Despite occasional power shortages, your fountain will not be affected as it does not run on electricity.

Constant running water fountains will probably lead to a higher electric bill at the end of the month. Even though you might not instantly see the short-term benefits, remember that your home will certainly gain in value in the long-term.

The issue with using more electricity is not solely about our bills, the impact on the environment is considerable. The only source of energy used by solar powered water features is sunlight making them a “green” option. Using solar energy to power our homes as well as a water feature is important because it also protects our environment.

This type of fountain demands less upkeep than others. Since solar fountains don't have motors, they don't get clogged which leads to little cleaning.

And less cleaning equals more time to enjoy yourself!

How to Choose the Best Place for Your Water Element
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A True Roman Masterpiece: The Santa Maria Water Fountain in Cosmedin
Archaeologists and restorers alike have stumbled upon a treasure trove of pagan and Christian relics on the grounds of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome. Located in the portico of the nearby basilica one can find the famous marble sculpture known as the... read more
A True Roman Masterpiece: The Santa Maria Fountain in Cosmedin
Incredible finds of both Christian and pagan origin have been made by archaeologists and restorers in the area around Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome. Found in the portico of the nearby basilica one can find the famous marble sculpture... read more