Public Drinking Fountains in and Around Berkley, Ca

Berkley, CA citizens voted for a sugar-sweetened beverages tax in February 2014, the first of its kind in the United States. The taxation is supposed to reduce sugary drink consumption and improve the consumption of healthier drinks, like water from fountains. ft-133__71707.jpg Research was done to ensure that individuals of all races and economic classes had access to clean, working drinking fountains. The study utilized a GPS app to gather data on current water fountains in the city. Analysts then used US Census data to find out even more about the economic and racial issues that impacted the city. Evaluations were made amongst the location and demographic data, revealing whether class differences affected access to clean, working water fountains. Each water fountain and the demographics of its surrounding area were reviewed to reveal whether the site of the fountains or their standard of maintenance revealed any relationship to income, race, or other factors. The cleanliness of lots of fountains was found lacking, even if most were working.

Outdoor Water Features: Celebrate the Life of Someone you Cherished

Install a garden fountain in honor of someone who is deceased. Age-old practices are often met with resistance nowadays. Nevertheless, it is still popular to commemorate the deceased. A lot of people put intimate personal things on a memorial to remind them of their cherished one. Lots of people view backyard garden fountains as wonderful commemorative pieces to their cherished ones. Including pictures, planting a tree or flowers, attaching a custom made plaque, or holding a vigil at the fountain to pay homage are ways you can make it more personal.

You can pay homage to the dearly departed in unique and individual ways with garden fountains. The flowing of water through the fountain symbolizes the luck and affluence of your loved one and can also be part of the celebration of their life. It is highly worthwhile to buy a high quality, sturdy garden fountain that is resistant to bad weather so that it will last a very long time. You will want to ensure that your memorial will endure many years once in place.

Things You Will Need to Have for a Garden Fountain

When planning where to set up your garden fountain, do not overlook the fact that you will need somewhere to plug it in and a convenient source of water. People sometimes forget the technical things because they get caught up in the excitement of putting in their newest purchase. Do not forget that an extension cord can be helpful if your 120v power source is more than 12 feet away, as that is the normal length of power cords. You will also need to have a water resource close by so that you can effortlessly fill your water fountain.

Water is difficult to move by yourself from place to place. If you have given thought to it before installation, having a hose nearby will make the task of filling the fountain much easier. A water fountain autofill is yet another solution, but will demand the help of an expert who knows how to set it up since the water has to go through an external line.

The Story of the Grandiose Cascade Fountain at Chatsworth Garden

The Cascade garden fountain forms a spectacular main feature to the landscape and is located at the back of Chatsworth House. Twenty-four irregularly spaced stone steps reach down the hillside for 200 yards towards the residence. Based on a 17th century French concept, the Cascade is also totally gravity fed. In 1696, this particular water fountain was created for the first Duke of Devonshire and has stayed unchanged ever since that time. Located at the top of the fountain is the Cascade House, from which water flows downward. Adorned on the exterior with marine creatures in bas-relief, the dwelling is a smaller building. Water pressure to the Cascade can be boosted on special instances, causing the Cascade House to become a part of the Cascade spectacle, as water runs through conduits on its rooftop and from the mouths of its carved underwater creatures, prior to carrying on along the Cascade. The sound of the water plunging varies as it falls down the Cascades mainly because of the minor difference in the size of each step thereby creating a wonderful and calming accompaniment to a walk through the gardens. In 2004, Chatsworth's Cascade was voted the best water fountain in England.

Creators of the First Garden Fountains

Commonly working as architects, sculptors, designers, engineers and discerning scholars, all in one, fountain creators were multi-talented individuals from the 16th to the late 18th century. Exemplifying the Renaissance artist as a imaginative master, Leonardo da Vinci worked as an innovator and scientific expert. He methodically annotated his observations in his now celebrated notebooks about his studies into the forces of nature and the qualities and motion of water. Ingenious water exhibits complete of symbolic meaning and all-natural wonder transformed private villa settings when early Italian water fountain designers fused imagination with hydraulic and gardening skill. The splendors in Tivoli were created by the humanist Pirro Ligorio, who was renowned for his skill in archeology, engineering and garden design.

Masterminding the extraordinary water marbles, water features and water pranks for the assorted mansions in the vicinity of Florence, some other water feature creators were well versed in humanistic subjects and ancient technical texts.

What you Should Know Regarding Container Herb Landscapes

Container gardening is perfect for natural herbs. People who like spending time in the kitchen or the garden usually find themselves drawn to the world of herbs. These simple to grow, unique plants give instant delight since they can be used in everyday dishes such as soups and marinades. It only takes a little time each day to maintain your herb garden, and if you have planter gardens and potted herbs, they can be moved inside once autumn begins to freeze - so you can take delight in your herbs all 12 months long. The differing growth rates of herbs make for variant harvest times. Herb gardening demands some fortitude, as can be likely for any new undertaking. One must tend to an herb garden consistently, even though results might not be noticeable on the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd day.

It is a little known fact that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, were simply terraced roofs full of vegetation. These waterproof rooftop gardens were planned to be constructed all-around a mammoth stone underpinning that would encircle the massive storage rooms below. The terraces effortlessly grew trees simply because the soil was deep and water from cavernous wells was supplied to the plants through a hydraulic system. The plants most regularly grown on the terraces were thyme, poppy, anise, and rosemary.

Wall Water Fountains: What Design Choice is Better for Your Chosen Space?

A great option for areas that do not have a lot of space available is a garden wall fountain. They are beautiful and simple to put up, and you do not need a lot of space. It is not hard to find one that works for you since there are many price levels and design alternatives on the market. There is also a variety of colors and sizes on the market. For anyone looking to add some pizzazz to their exterior walls, these stunning water fountains are a terrific option. If there is adequate wall space, you might consider buying several fountains as they will produce a lovely waterfall effect.

When it comes time to choosing a garden fountain, there are loads of options available.

First and foremost, you must decide which one to purchase and the best place to display it.

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